Monday, March 24, 2008

2008 Bio Update from Raymond Race

My favorite part of the last reunion was when we all stood out of respect for President Eager as he took his place on the stand. It was a frustrating weekend. I was packed ready to go with all the hotel and travel arrangements made to be to the reunion early and just enjoy the moment and all those who would be in attendance.

Two days before the reunion I received a surprise email from my brother asking for me to confirm him at his baptism on Friday night (Yes, the same night as the reunion!). His timing was I still don’t know what. Of course with this being his rebaptism after almost twenty years I certainly am not going to say no.

Between the extra miles on the rental and not knowing where I was going I kept it together pretty good. I finally made it to the reunion and was able to relax somewhat and try to make up for lost time from being away. It was a busy and exciting weekend.

With eight children and 13 grandchildren, including two due this year, it would unfair and boring to list everything that’s going on. Suffice it to say we love the love the grandchildren, they are our reward for not killing our own children.

We remain Faithful and active in the gospel. I serve as a Branch president to one of the largest federal prisons in California. We have four facilities located all together yet separated, 2 medium security, 1 minimum security (A Women’s facility), and 1 maximum security facility which I oversee and minister too every week with a pool of faithful volunteers.

My dear wife of thirty years serves as my Relief Society President in addition to teaching Seminary (10 years). Life has been good to us and we remain grateful to our Father in Heaven for all that we have been blessed with.

I still am fluent in Spanish and perhaps the greatest blessing came when I was invited to participate in the dedication of the Redlands California Temple. I was able to help translate for the Spanish session, and was assigned to translate for the prophet simultaneously. I was the only Chele at the table and wow! Talk about intimidation. The lord doth provide and it was a wonderful experience.

I look forward to seeing all in attendance and reconnect with friendships and brotherhood that long ago was so much a part of our lives. May the good Lord Bless and keep all of you. I’m in the directory. Hasta Pronto,

Raymond and Wanda Race, Oro Grande, California (Nov 73-75)